FAQ - Frequently asked questions


Will you deliver to retailers?
We deliver to end customers as well as retailers. To become more information for retailers please visit our Become a retailer page.

Are the products available?

The system is linked with a stock program. Normally all goods are available, if goods are out of stock the are marked as "Not available".


Do you accept cheques?

Pelam does not accept cheques. You can pay per international bank transfer, with you credit card, via paypal or you can send the money cash.

What is paypal?

Paypal is an international payment system. You can open up an account at www.paypal.com. You can pay paypal with your credit card.


How long does the shipment take?

The time of shipment differs from country to country. Within Europe the shipment takes about five working days. Shipments to other countries like Japan or Australia take longer time.

How much does the shipment cost to my country?

We sell our products in a whole range of countries. Therefore we are not able to offer a list of all the different fees. Before you give up your order, the system will show you how much you have to pay for the shipment. The system works with the different weight and the volume of the goods. The system will show you the shipment costs after you have entered you address and country and before you give up the final order.

Who is your shipment company?

Pelam is contract partner of the DHL, some of the goods are send out with the German parcel service (DPD) in order to reduce the costs for our costumers. All goods are insured.

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