Petromax Convection Lid

Convection Lid to bake, smoke and cook in the wilderness and open air.
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Baking as in a convection oven! The lid made of heat-resistant and fireproof fibres turns the Petromax Atago and the Petromax Dutch Ovens ft6 and ft9 into a convection oven or smoker! Thanks to the coated inside and the close-meshed fibres, heat can hardly escape: An even and energy-saving baking, smoking and cooking is now possible in the open air too.
- fits the multifunctional grill Petromax Atago, the Petromax Dutch Ovens ft6 and ft9 made of heat-resistant and fireproof fibres
– inner coating allows heat to circulate and creates an almost closed system
- optimal temperatures for uniform baking, smoking und cooking
- ideal on the way thanks to its weight of only 300 g
- only 3 cm high when folded, and therefore easy to pack, e.g. in the Petromax storage and transport bags

Technical data
Dimensions (H x W x D): 23.5 x 42 x 42 cm
Weight: 300 g

Scope of delivery
1 x Petromax Convection Lid
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