Feuerhand Hurricane Lantern 276 Christmas edition 2019 (limited edition)

The moss green Feuerhand Hurricane Lantern Baby Special 276 as Christmas Edition 2019
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Christmas 2019 with Feuerhand

Contemplative hours guaranteed: With the Feuerhand Baby Special 276 in the Christmas edition 2019, limited to 200 pieces, you offer your customers festive Christmas moments. The moss green version of the hurricane lantern is combined with a high-grade laser glass engraving of Christmas tree and snowflake decor. This way the lantern establishes a wonderful lighting in the wintry garden and on the elegantly decorated terrace, completely without need of electricity. In addition, the value of the collector's item is emphasised by the certificate included.

The classic among the hurricane lanterns
For more than 100 years the Feuerhand has been manufactured in Germany and therefore gained long term cult status. Its sophisticated design guarantees an economical fuel consumption, thus the Feuerhand burns for approx. 20 hours with one full tank.

Resistant and robust
The weatherproof hurricane lantern is particularly resistant to rust thanks to the galvanised material. Thanks to the heat-resistant glass cylinder, the flame is protected from wind and therefore burns evenly. The Feuerhand 276 hurricane lantern combines practicality and perfect design.

Zinc-plated and powder coated
The cold blast lantern is available in zinc-plated and several colours. The coloured versions are additionally powder coated. For your home and on the way, Feuerhand Baby Special 276 is the perfect lantern for the terrace, the garden and for camping.
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