Professional Blowtorch hf2

The powerful blowtorch with piezo ignition.
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The blowtorch is an excellent tool for easy lighting a Petromax lamp.

It provides a convenient way to light the Petromax lamp through the use of its spirit cup (preheat cup). Just as well the blowtorch can be used to light the Petromax lamp through the rapid preheater.

The blowtorch produces a flame with a maximum temperature of 1300 °C (2372 °F). Consequently, this blowtorch may also be used for soldering and brazing or used to melt lead, gold or silver.

The gas and the air supply can be adjusted continuously. By setting the gas adjustment switch you can easily adjust the flame in size. When regulating the air supply, you can adjust the flame to become either softer or more intensive. With the continuous operation switch the blowtorch offers a comfortable and safe way to maintain the flame without pressing the trigger. With its removable base it is especially handy.

Below the trigger the blowtorch has a child safety lock, which guarantees safe handling. The blowtorch works with normal lighter gas (butane) and is supplied empty.

The tool has been tested and approved by German safety standards (TÜV/GS).

Technical data
Colour: black
Tank capacity: 0,064 litre(s)
Power: 1300 °C

Scope of delivery
1 x Professional Blowtorch hf2
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