Petromax Fire Plunger

Independent Compression Fire Lighter by Petromax
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Fire in practical form

The Petromax Fire Plunger is an ignition source regardless of weather conditions and ideally suited for lighting campfires. Due to its small size the Fire Plunger can be easily transported and is perfectly suitable for being used at bushcraft and survival adventures.

Proven principle

Due to the strong and sudden air compression in a tightly sealing hollow cylinder, a temperature of over 400 °C is reached selectively. This proven century-old physical principle comes into effect in the Petromax Fire Plunger. The two-part compression fire lighter by Petromax is stocked with tinder at the plunger top and then abruptly pressed into the plunger body. Owing to air compression and heat the tinder is thus brought to a glow. Subsequently, a fire can be lit in a ball of tinder provided – completely without using electricity or igniters.

Strong gear cleverly packed

The Petromax Fire Plunger is high-grade black anodised. At the respective ends of the plunger and the plunger body practical containers for tinder and lubricant are situated. Thus, repetitive use for fire making outdoors can be guaranteed. In addition, a firesteel is placed inside the plunger and offers an additional reliable ignition option. The Petromax Fire Plunger is easily stowed in the pouch provided and can thus be taken along anywhere.

Detailed information on function and use can be found at

Scope of delivery
1 x plgx
1 x Transport pouch
4 x Gasket
1 x Vaseline
1 x Firesteel (inside the plunger)
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