Petromax Flexible Spatula for Grill and Pans with a long handle

The flexible stainless steel spatula for grills and pans with a high-quality wooden handle.
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The flexible spatula for grills and pans is ideal to turn over meat, fish and vegetables that are being grilled and fried. With the high-quality wooden handle it fits particularly well in hand. The brushed stainless-steel blade tapers at its end, so that it is very steady, yet still flexible and does not brake. The end of the blade is also highly suitable for scraping meat juices from the bottom of the pan or pot. For the handle's end is provided with a hole, the spatula can be conveniently hung. The spatula for grills and pans is available either with a short handle or with a long one, and is indispensable in the kitchen.

Technical data

size of stainless steel blade: 2.9 in x 6.7 in (7.3 cm x 17 cm)
size wooden handle (long): 1.2 in x 9.5 in (3 cm x 24 cm)

Scope of delivery

1x flex2
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