Here you find different manuals and information. We are always looking for manuals or other information. If you have got anything you want to send to us, please contact us.

We can put your name as origin under the pdf.

Adobe Acrobat Reader

Not all manuals are in English available. But most of them are multilingual.


  • Bundeswehr Petromax Anleitung (147 KB): petromax.pdf
  • Daylite Datenblatt (295 KB): daylite.pdf
  • Feuerhand Laterne (125 KB): Feuerhand.pdf
  • Hasag 551 LD-L (665 KB): hasag-551-LD-L.pdf
  • Handi (975 KB): handi.pdf
  • Marla Spiritus Lampe (1015 KB) : marla-spiritus.pdf
  • Petromax Hängelampen 834-835-790 (560 KB): 834.pdf
  • Mewa (2000 KB): mewa.pdf


  • Tula Petroleum Kocher (354 KB): tula.pdf
  • Petromax 1500 Anleitung komplett (1350 KB): petromax1500
  • Vulcano Kocher (512 KB) : vulcano.pdf
  • Petromax 3000 (653 KB): petromax3000.pdf
  • Petromax 100 (896 KB): px100.pdf
  • Phoebus625-625p Kocher (1166 KB):phoebus625-625p.pdf
  • Wellstrahler (310 KB): wellstrahler.pdf
  • Kronzprinz (2596 KB): kronprinz.pdf
  • Kocher FAQ (44 KB): kocher-FAQ.pdf
  • Turmofen (780 KB): Turmofen.pdf

Heating Lamps

  • Lötlampen BDA allgemein (885 KB): bda-loetlampen.pdf
  • Lötlampen BDA (876): bda-loetlampe2.pdf
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