Heater Wick (80mm x 190mm)

The long-lasting wick made of glass fibre and cotton for kerosene heaters.
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Petromax heater wick for kerosene heaters with excellent performance and combustion behaviour. The wick is made of cotton and glass fibres. This combination of materials guarantees its extreme durability.

This wick can be used for the following heaters:AMERICAN WICK AWHR-2010COMFORT GLOW SX-2E (WA3095)CORONA SX-2ECORONA SX-2EF (200-01) (RX25-UK)KEROWORLD KW-10MEDALLION AWHR2010Robeson KH6-2624WB 1990Ruby 2100Ruby 2101Ruby 2300Ruby 2301Ruby 23ARuby 25Ruby 2500Ruby 2501Ruby 2700Ruby 2701Ruby KSP-270Ruby RX23-UKRuby RX27Ruby S23Ruby S27
Use our service for other wicks and heaters: http://www.petroleumofen-dochte.de

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