Cabix Plus Briquettes for Dutch Oven and BBQ

Briquettes with ridge profile for Dutch Oven and BBQ

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Cabix Plus by Petromax is the perfect charcoal for cooking outdoors. The briquettes have a broad surface area and, thanks to their ridge profile, they benefit from an excellent ventilation which ensures a consistent top and bottom heat while cooking and baking with cast-iron Dutch Ovens and moulds. The combustion with only little ash residues facilitates cleaning the lid afterwards. Cabix Plus briquettes are made of natural resources from the coconut milk production which makes them eco-friendly, sustainable, CO2-neutral, vegan and gluten free. With a burning time of up to four hours, they are dimensionally stable and provide for even embers with constantly high calorific value. After extinguishing, the charcoal is reusable and, being square and stackable, it takes up little storage area.

Technical data
L x W x H (in cm): x x
L x W x H w/ packaging (in cm): 18 x 17,5 x 17
Weight (in g): 3000
Weight with packaging (in g): 3100

Scope of delivery
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